Emergency Tree Service

This Is A Picture Of An Up Rooted Tree In Erie Pa After A Strong Storm Came Through And Needed To Be Cleaned Up Right Away Thanks To Erie Pa Tree Service That Was Done Right Away!

We offer a wide range of services for all different types of situations, But there are no services more important then our emergency tree service. When storms hit sometimes they can be very damaging. Like pictured above you can see this tree was uprooted and crushed a shed that had power running to it. It was complicated but we had to get the job done so the tree would not catch fire. There can be many complications after or even during a storm and don’t hesitate to call us 24-7 with emergency’s we will be there to help.

What consist of an emergency call?
An emergency call is used for when there is an emergency such as a down tree on a power line a tree trapping someone in a home, building or car. With emergency calls after a storm we are usually fairly busy running around just to get peoples houses back in order. Most of the time we will take the tree, limbs and branches out of the way and cut them up to move them in manageable sizes and come back the next day or two to haul them off. Usually if its still pouring down rain we will get things moved so your life can continue on and we will be back to clean up.

What we do
what don’t we do should be the question. We started out doing everything in the landscaping trade. We then started to transition over to just tree work since that is where most of our calls were coming from. So we took it from there and moved on to bigger and better things. Now we do what we love, We concentrate and we can put all our time into specializing in one aspect of landscaping and being an expert instead of just being a pro in everything.

What happens during a storm
We have been called out during storms and after. During storms we reserve for big disasters such as trapped people trees on power lines, road blockage and more. Most times storm damage will not be noticed until after it has been gone and passed. It is important to get pictures of any damage to your home or property before we start removing trees and branches from damaged areas so your insurance company can assist you in any issues that they may cover. Now the best thing to do is to call your insurance company before you call us to make sure we are good to remove everything and they don’t need to see the damage in person usually they will just need some pictures.

When to call us
When is the right time to call us? you can call us anytime regarding our tree services. If its an emergency or not we can handle it all. Call us anytime and we will give you the best price possible! Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we strive our best to keep every customer happy and coming back when they need more work done, or just pass our name around to their friends.

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